4 Criticisms About QuickJack

We love constructive criticism about our products. In fact, many of the improvements and accessories came from feedback to us by our customers. We constantly scour the internet, looking through car forums and social media posts, to see what people are saying about QuickJack. When we see a complaint, we don’t skip over it and ignore it. Usually, a negative review or comment is emailed and circulated throughout many departments in the company. We give it an “all hands on deck” approach and do everything we can to make it right, whether it be technical support, new parts, or a new design.

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Sometimes we get complaints or negative sentiment that’s more objective opinion than a product flaw and this article is all about giving some helpful tips or solutions to common critiques.

1. The QuickJack doesn’t lift high enough.

When compared to full-sized car lifts, the QuickJack is in the low-rise lift category. We designed this lift for a specific purpose and situation. Super low to the ground (down to 3 inches, in fact) for frames to slide under performance vehicles, yet lift up to 7,000-lbs. to a 21” lifting height (with stacked blocks). That’s high enough to perform all common maintenance tasks. Plus, among the common tasks that QuickJack is known to make easier, we’ve seen people swap transmissions, engines, and exhausts with the same amount of convenience and ease.

We never want to settle and it’s important to us that we make the QuickJack the best purchase you make for your garage. So we went back to the engineers and asked them (well, told them really) to make all QuickJack models lift higher WITHOUT sacrificing our patented super-low profile when fully lowered. After some tug of war and a lot number crunching, they made it happen. Soon, QuickJack models will lift to an additional 3" maximum height. It might not seem that much on paper, but that amount of extra room really changes things.

Of course, if you have the room and you want to lift your vehicle over your head, our parent company BendPak has every kind of car lift you need.

QuickJack Portable Car Lift Under Car Access

2. QuickJack frames get in the way of accessing my vehicle from the side.

Every car lift on the market today lifts the vehicle from some direction. Whether it’s from the sides, bottom, or front and back (less common). Most low-to-mid-rise lifts that QuickJack competes with impede on accessing the vehicle’s undercarriage. Others will give you clear access, but you have to drive onto ramps so the wheels are not free to do common wheel and suspension work.

QuickJack frames run along the sides of your vehicle similar to a full-sized two-post lift. In this configuration, you have absolutely clear undercarriage access to perform most work from the front and back. We think this is the best approach.

QuickJack Car Lift Frames Lift from Sides

3. The frames are too heavy to move around.

QuickJack frames are built with 14-gauge steel to hold up to 7,000-lbs. capacity indefinitely. On some models, yes, the frames can be a bit hefty to move around. If you are taking full advantage of QuickJack’s storage capability, you don’t need to deadlift the frames and carry them to your lifting location. Each frame has integrated ultra-durable urethane rubber wheels that allow you to roll your frames into position and cut the frame weight by more than half. If it’s still too heavy for you to handle, maybe spend a few extra minutes at the gym, toothpick! Just kidding.

Rolling QuickJack frames into position

4. I’m not able to reach my vehicle’s lift points with QuickJack.

Every vehicle is unique… just like you! One vehicle’s lifting points are different than another. We made the QuickJack to accommodate most vehicles on the road with included accessories and offer optional adapters to take care of the rest. Each frame has a lift block tray that allows you to place lifting blocks anywhere along the frame. (Minimum and maximum lifting point spreads can be found on the product pages of each model). This gives you the freedom and capability of using one QuickJack model for multiple vehicles.

One of our most commonly asked question is, which model is best for my vehicle(s)? For that, we need a few measurements of each vehicle and that helps us determine the best model for you. We put together an easy to follow measuring guide to help make the right decision.

QuickJack lifting points spread tray

Your opinion about our product truly matters to us. Our designers, product specialists, marketing teams, and upper management take your feedback seriously. When we get a complaint or criticism, it gives us the best opportunity to shine. Without your suggestions, we wouldn’t know what needs improvement. So thank YOU for making QuickJack what it is today. Happy lifting!