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Our mission is to make a product that transforms home auto care into the dream-hobby it should be. People love getting dirty under cars, but too many wrenchers have to deal with pain-in-the-ass tools that aren't completely safe, cost a fortune to replace and wear you out year-after-year. There are things we so-called "gearheads" have been doing for so long we don't even stop to ask why anymore.

Well hold up, because QuickJack is asking. It doesn't matter your age, income bracket or square footage of available workspace: QuickJack is meant for everyone. It's safe, too. Much safer than floor jacks and stands, and it's built by the people who make the world's best-selling car lifts, BendPak. So we know a thing or two about safety and reliability.

Car repair is who we are. It's in our blood, and we have a story to tell. BendPak has over 50 years of experience in the trade, so it's going to be here when you have a question, need service or just want to ask us about new, up-and-coming tech in the auto world. Things are changing fast, and together, BendPak and QuickJack are staying ahead of the curve. In fact, right now we're so far ahead, except for the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, there's really no one else in sight.

Want to know more about who we are? Here's a short history of QuickJack.

In 2013, our mission begins...

We invent a simple track lift to help drivers rapidly get their cars in the air, and we think we've got it made in the shade. It's portable, lightweight and easy to use. But our earliest customers see the future before we can even blink. Every wrencher, gearhead, car lover, petrolhead and auto geek is begging us to make heavier-duty designs, so they can finally have a car lift that replaces their old jack stands once and for all. We have to say they're onto something. So we listen.

In 2015, the Big Bang gets a little bigger...

Next step: We take the automatic lock mechanisms found on most lifts and build them right into our portable lift. We introduce bigger, beefier models for lifting cars and trucks. In just one short burst of a year, QuickJack jettisons its reputation as a niche track lift and re-emerges as the biggest automotive phenomenon since the jack stand. And since floor jacks and stands are what QuickJack replaces for home service and maintenance on cars and trucks, it's a fitting comparison.

In 2018, we're just getting started...

Our company has grown exponentially since 2013. QuickJack now has dozens of product updates behind its belt, big and small, refining even the littlest details with the obsessive precision of a mad clockmaker. If anyone says jacks and stands are never going away, we say, "For shame!" That's just how they once thought of the abacus before the calculator came along, or flat rocks before, you know, there were wheels. We've expanded virtually every department in the building, and then we ran out of buildings, so we keep adding more. The engines are turning, the petrol is hot and QuickJack is still on its first lap.

If you're ready to begin your own home garage revolution, you're ready to say hello to QuickJack. Welcome to the future. Drop us a line, check out our awesome videos and see for yourself what's behind the fastest growing lift company in the world.

Relationship with BendPak

All around the world, BendPak is recognized as the benchmark of quality. That’s because for the past 50 years, we’ve been pioneering automotive service equipment technology and training programs, as well as operational and supply systems that are now considered the standard for the entire industry.

QuickJack was developed by the same people behind all our BendPak products, which means it benefits from 50 years of experience, including BendPak's considerable resources in distribution and logistics. Very few new products are given immediate access to global markets, but for us, it's easy to manage. In fact, QuickJack continues to expand as one of BendPak's farthest-reaching and most successful products. We've controlled prices by expanding our on-site inventory several times over the years, and we've been able to maintain and increase product quality by working with the industry's best engineers year after year. These brilliant minds design, test and modify QuickJack and other products on a daily basis, optimizing everything from the basic design to the options and accessories we're able to offer.