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Ordering a Quickjack from Mainland Europe

Orders to Mainland Europe

The QuickJack CE approved model is available for deliveries to the entire mainland Europe. Please go through the checkout process as normal and you will be given options for shipping depending on your location.

Payment Options for Outside the UK

Most countries can pay by credit card (Visa/MasterCard), other countries will be required to pay by international money transfer to our bank account. All money transfer and/or exchange fees will be payable by the purchaser. For credit card payments outside of the UK a cross border fee may be payable.

Shipping Options

Different countries have different shipping options. Please email us to confirm your options or they will be displayed in the checkout process.

Local Taxes and VAT

As per European regulations, VAT for business purchasers will be billed at the rate of the country of the business ordering the QuickJack. Businesses must have a valid VAT (or country equivalent) that will be verified automatically in the checkout process. If it cannot be verified, VAT will be billed at the UK standard rate for all European countries.

For non-european orders, VAT will be charged or not charged depending on the UK laws. This will be verified in the checkout process.

Taxes and Import Duties

All relevant taxes and import duties if any are payable by the customer. Failure to pay import duties by the customer to relevant authorities will NOT constitute grounds for a claim of non-delivery of product.