How It Works

QuickJack will make your garage life safer and more efficient. It will eliminate the corner-by-corner you perform with floor jacks during every tire rotation. There will be no more stressing over how much torque you're applying during brake changes. Sliding under cars for suspension work, oil changes, exhaust system swaps, detailing, etc. will all feel safer, and jobs will take less time. Even detailing jobs will be performed ergonomically and rapidly. As car buffs and gearheads ourselves, we hold one truth above all others: The best way to work is the only way to work.

4 Criticisms About QuickJack


QuickJack is easy to set up—no time-consuming installation procedures. After that initial setup, the frames and power unit would need to be accessible at any time (with the appropriate power supply at hand). QuickJack is easy to operate anywhere: indoors, outdoors and on almost any flat surface, all without the use of anchor bolts.

How to setup QuickJack


Second, QuickJack would have to be as easy to use as a full-sized car lift without taking up a lot of space. Since this is what floor jacks and jack stands accomplish, in order to be successful, our hydraulic lift would have to be safer, faster and easier to use on a daily basis. It would also need to offer complete access to the vehicle's undercarriage. If QuickJack couldn't do all that, what would be the point of giving up jacks and stands?

Simple controls, easy operation


Last, QuickJack would need to be easy to take out of storage and to put away. It would need to be heavy-duty enough to lift most consumer vehicles yet light enough to glide on built-in wheels. If necessary, an operator should be able to carry the frames to and from the desired work area.

Zero footprint storage solution