Lifts in Seconds!

The one-time setup means practicality and portability become reality. Simply position the frames under the vehicle and push Up on the hand-held pendant control. In 30 seconds or less, the entire car will be 21 inches high off the ground and ready for tire swaps, oil changes and other maintenance.

Roll QuickJack frames into position

Roll frames into position

Mounted urethane wheels provide effortless rolling of the jack frames across your floor.

Position QuickJack frames under vehicle

Position frames parallel to each other

Slide both QuickJack frames under your vehicle on a stable floor surface with both lock bars facing out.

Keeping frames parallel
Attached quick-disconnect fittings

Attach zero-leak quick-connect fittings

Connect power unit and the jack frames via hoses with our zero-leak quick-connect fittings.

How to disconnect hoses
Connect power unit to power unit source

Connect power unit into an appropriate power source

Connect your 110V AC or 12V DC power unit to the appropriate power source to begin lifting.

Lift vehicle in seconds with QuickJack

Raise your vehicle in seconds

Press Up on the pendant control until each jack platform reaches the mid-rise or full-rise position. Press down to settle the arm into the mechanical lock.

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