Setup In Minutes!

QuickJack is very easy to set up, even if you've never purchased a car lift or worked with hydraulics before. Most components come pre-installed. All you have to do is wrap some thread seal tape, wrench on some fittings and pressurize the secondary air cylinder. The entire lift assembly is delivered in three boxes: two boxes for the frames and one for the power unit. The third box also contains the hoses, lifting blocks and fittings. All you need to supply are the tools and ATF for the power unit.

Watch The Official QuickJack Setup Tutorial

Unboxing a new QuickJack from packaging

Lay out the contents of your three boxes

Lay out the frames, parts assembly, power unit and hoses on a clear surface, so you don’t misplace or lose any parts during setup.

Preparing QuickJack frame fittings

Prepare and tighten fittings

The frame assembly, hoses and power unit have some fittings that may need thread seal tape. A quick wrenching will secure and tighten the fittings.

Pressurizing QuickJack air cylinders

Pressurize air cylinders

One air cylinder on each frame needs to be pressurized. They will rarely need to be pressurized again. A hand/foot pump or air compressor will accomplish the job in no time.

How QuickJack air cylinders work
Setup QuickJack power unit

Set up power unit and fill with hydraulic fluid

Ensure the power unit fittings are secure, then funnel in 2.5 quarts of hydraulic oil or ATF fluid (not included).

QuickJack is ready to lift

Final checklist before lift

A few final tasks remain: drain the extra packing oil, ensure the frames are lifting correctly and a final safety inspection.

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