Domestic & International Shipping Policy

Domestic Free Shipping on Most Items

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All products marked with "FREE SHIPPING" include FREE destination delivery to most locations in England. Additional shipping surcharges will apply to shipments destined for Scotland, Wales and Channel Islands. In rare cases, some Free Shipping items located within the Free Shipping zone may be charged a minor surcharge due to their rural zone classification. (Rural zones are based on transportation lane accessibility and their functional accessibility to major highways and shipping lanes).

If additional shipping or delivery surcharges are found to apply to your online order, you will be notified after your order is placed. You will be contacted by one of our sales associates via phone or email to notify of you of any additional fees. A separate transaction for the minor surcharges will be required before shipment is made.

To find out if you are eligible for Free Shipping, or to find out what your total order amount would be including any surcharges, please email us.

Service or replacement parts orders may not be eligible for free freight and may be subject to a per piece freight charge based on package weight and destination.

We will designate shipping carriers based on region and/or best service defined by our shipping department.

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What about sales tax?

All orders destined within the United Kingdom will be charged applicable 20% VAT.

Accessorial charges—freight surcharges

Even though FREE SHIPPING does apply to most orders, in some cases accessorial charges may apply for specialized freight services beyond normal pick up, transport, and delivery. The following list includes location types or services where accessorial fees may apply.

Shipments consigned to delivery points with limited or high-security access such as schools, farms, military bases, prisons, government buildings, resort properties, trade-shows or convention centers reconsignment—if while in transit, the shipment needs to be reconsigned to an alternative location, then the outbound rate per kilometer will be applied from point of original delivery to the new destination point

Wrong address disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that she or he enters the address correctly. Please ensure the address you are entering is complete and accurate, as we cannot be held responsible for packages shipped with insufficient or undeliverable addresses. If your order has already shipped, we cannot modify the address. If your package is undeliverable, you will be notified as soon as the package is returned.

Final delivery

QuickJack will take no responsibility for additional charges of any kind that consignee may incur related to: The renting or acquisition of equipment of any type necessary to unload items off of a delivering carrier's vehicle. Any charges related to delivery of items to residential areas with restrictions on carrier vehicle size or weight unless such charges were prepaid prior to shipment. Any charges related to delivery of items via lift-gate unless such charges were prepaid prior to shipment.

Freight damage

Shipments should be thoroughly inspected by you as soon as they are received. The signed Bill of Lading is your acknowledgement by the carrier of receipt in good condition of shipment covered by the Bill of Lading. If any of the goods called for on the Bill of Lading are shorted or damaged, you should not accept them until the carrier makes a notation on the freight bill of the shorted or damaged goods. DO NOT refuse your shipment if you observe minor cosmetic scratches or abrasions. You may be responsible for round-trip freight charges if your claim for damage is denied.

Concealed damage

YOU MUST NOTIFY THE FREIGHT CARRIER AT ONCE if any hidden loss or damage is discovered after receipt and request the carrier to make an inspection within 48 hours. If the carrier is unable to do so, prepare a signed statement to the effect that you have notified the carrier (on a specific date) and that the carrier has failed to comply with your request (name of person you talk to, date and time of the conversation). NOTE THAT IT IS DIFFICULT TO COLLECT FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE AFTER YOU HAVE GIVEN THE CARRIER A CLEAR RECEIPT.

File your claim with the carrier promptly and support your claim with a cargo loss and damage claim form, copies of the bill of lading, freight bill, product invoice, photographs, and inspection claim given to you by inspector after inspection is done. Please note that our willingness to assist you in helping with your claims process does not make QuickJack responsible for collection of claims or replacement of lost or damaged materials.


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How long before I get my QuickJack after I order and pay?

Typically delivery will take 3-10 business days for delivery, depending on the destination.

Missing or Incorrect Products/Parts

QuickJack will consider replacing any missing or incorrect products/parts from shipments at no charge provided you identify and report your claim to our Customer Service Department within 30-days of date of receipt of your order. Missing or incorrect products/parts from shipments will not be replaced if they are reported more than 30 days beyond the receipt of order.

International ordering and shipping instructions

QuickJack vehicle jacking systems are available with varying voltages for international usage. Depending on your location, we may not be able to ship certain voltage models. To find out whether we can ship an item to your address, simply add the item to your Shopping Cart and select your destination country. A notation will appear next to restricted products and you will be unable to proceed through Checkout until all restricted products are removed from your Shopping Cart.

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