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QuickJack Safety and Certificates

QuickJack CE Certificate

At QuickJack, we have a close relationship with global certification authorities and regularly undergo intense third-party testing conducted by nationally recognized testing laboratories. Safety systems, strength-of-design, manufacturing quality and electrical compliance are just a few things that these testing laboratories investigate rigorously in order to receive certification.

Review the EC-Type Examination on the QuickJack

QuickJack was recently awarded the internationally recognized CE mark by meeting the standards prescribed by the rigorous 98/37/EC Machinery Directive and the Harmonized Standard for vehicle lifts, EN-1493. More details about the standard can be found here.

To meet these standards, a Notified Body or Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) must be involved in the process. The Notified Body inspects the product, verifies tests and receives documentation on the product. The Notified Body then issues an EC-type Examination Certificate or CE Certificate. This CE certificate is referenced on the Declaration of Conformity confirming the product meets the standard.

The fundamental of conformity with CE requirements is that the equipment is safe, but of nearly equal importance is ensuring that the product is properly labeled, the product and packaging is identified with correct CE markings and all documentation relating to the testing is made available to standard enforcement authorities worldwide.