Tune On The Go Mobile Auto Repair

QuickJack’s success reminds us of the old saying: “if you love something, let it go.” Well, we released QuickJack into the wild and let it make its way in the world. Sure, we guided it here and there with promotions and whatnot, but our loyal fans and future customers did most of the advertising “legwork” themselves.

Car Lift for Mobile Car Repair

Our car lift is so unique, new, budding industries are starting to discover us. Take Raul Gonzalez, for instance, sole owner and operator of the mobile auto repair service Tune On The Go. (We found out about him because of the great posts about QuickJack on his company’s Instagram page.) Today, phone apps make it as easy to order a mechanic to your doorstep as they make it to order a ride across town. This is a new direction that professional vehicle repair and maintenance is taking. At first, we didn’t fully realize QuickJack’s potential for this service. Nonetheless, the world didn’t need our help; it looks like enthusiasm in our little car lift is spreading far and wide.

Tune On The Go works like any other mobile auto repair business: a customer calls and orders the service, and if the customer is within range, Mr. Gonzalez himself drives out to perform an oil change, suspension tune-up, wheel rotations, brakes, etc. Ask him why this works for customers, and the answer he gives is all-too-familiar. “There’s no need to sit in a shop for hours or waste a day off,” he said.

Mobile Auto Repair Tools

But why QuickJack? What’s wrong with the old car jack and stand method? “QuickJack makes lifting a car so much easier,” said Mr. Gonzalez. “[I] don’t have to go from corner to corner of the vehicle… I can have a car fully in the air [within minutes] and ready to work from the moment I pull into someone’s home driveway or work parking lot.”

Whether you’re retired, a single parent, part of a working couple, a newly minted college grad or an employee in your early 20’s (or anyone else, for that matter), your time is valuable. Days off are precious and hard to sacrifice, and service bays fill up quickly on weekends. A mobile auto repair business like Tune On The Go can save you a costly, time-consuming trip to the shop. Mr. Gonzalez said, “We come to [customers] with a car lift when it’s best for them. That is what makes Tune On The Go unique.”

The ability to get your car serviced in your home driveway or work parking lot is a huge step toward better, easier car care. This is the first time technology, entrepreneurs and public interest have come together to inspire the growth of truly mobile car repair.

Tune On The Go is a mobile auto repair business that services the New York area. To get in touch with Mr. Gonzalez about receiving service where you live or work, visit online at tuneonthego.com or call him up at 914-548-6748.